Member of the Month – June 2019


NAME: Lindsay Vaughan

AGE: 34 BORN: Las Vegas Nevada

LIVES: Ballina NSW

OCCUPATION: Owner and Coach of the gym Cross Fit in Ballina.

DIVISION  : Senior Beginner

WHAT MADE YOU START SURFING? I used to have a huge fear of open water and I used to walk out on the Ballina break wall and watch the people surfing and just think how fun it looked. I wanted so badly to learn how to surf but I was so terrified to get in the water. I told my friend Kerene I wanted to learn and there was no way she was going to let me live any longer without giving it a try. She took me to little beach breaks and pushed me into waves next to her 9 year old son and helped me find the courage to get in the water on my own.

WHO ARE YOUR SURFING IDOLS? Kerene Bienke and Amy Fortescue Both are just friends that took the time to help me learn, get me fitted in a wetsuit, give me books about surfing, and teach me the technical terms. They are also great surfers 🙂

WHERE IS YOUR FAVOURITE WAVE? Probably Missingham bridge but really anywhere there is a clean small wave.

WHAT IS YOUR DREAM SURFING SCENARIO?  Warm sun, warm crystal blue water, friends to go with, small clean wave that is good for learning, plenty of sun cream, only a few people in the water to share the waves with, no time constraints to think about, plenty of snacks waiting for me on the beach.

WHAT ARE YOUR OTHER HOBBIES AND INTERESTS? I compete in CrossFit and really enjoy spending time with friends.

WHAT ARE YOUR SURFING GOALS FOR 2019? I want to build my courage in the water. I get nervous of paddling in to bigger waves. I would also like to get better at paddling in to the wave at an angle and going across the wave.

“SURFING MAKES ME FEEL…”  Excited, brave, exhausted and fulfilled.


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