July Club Round Results – Hardcore Classic Prize Round

What a month! I’d first like to take the opportunity to thank the amazing community we are a part of. The ongoing support from them has been amazing with so many local businesses contributing great prizes and vouchers for our members. Please support our local business as it is them who supports us!
Big thank you to Lennox Surf, Lennox Pizza and Pasta, The Station Grocer, Seagrass Greengrocer, Club Lennox, The Lennox Hotel, Terry White Pharmacy Lennox Head, Cellarbrations, Hollywood Surf Supply, The LAC, LeChelle boutique, Rare Handmade, Karen Howes, Tamika Hudson Makeup Artist, BodSquad by Rikki Lee, Riley Burnett, and Kerene Bienke Personal Training. Without you guys, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do every month, and we certainly wouldn’t be nearly at the 30 year mark!

The July club round was held in beautiful winter conditions at Lennox beach. The offshore winds helped make for fun waves on the inside and some heavier sets breaking on the outside bank.The girls in the Opens and Wahine Masters were charging! Due to the tide changes a few heats had to be moved around so that everyone was able to surf in safe conditions. Thank you to everyone for your understanding!   Another great club round, looking forward to seeing you at our August club round! Sign on at 7am sharp.


Jnr Beginner
1. Layla Ross
2. Josie Morison
3. Tully Fraser
4. Sienna Johnson
5. Lina Lachmann

Senior Beginner
1. Laura Woolcott
2. Nat Fraser
3. Silja
4. Colleen Barton
5. Dianne Williams
6. Soni Acret

Junior Int.
1. Mia Baker
2. Poppy Morison
3. Sasha Oxland
4. Amelia Walker

Snr int.
1. Pru Smallhorn
2. Lou Webster
3. Sylvie Horau
4. Cory Whitney

Wahine Masters
1. Leilani Morgan
2. Kerene Bienke
3. Melissa Cook
4. Nat Edminston

1. Nyxie Ryan
2. Sarah Morison
3. Kerene Bienke
4. Tamika Hudson

1. Melissa Cook


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