June Club Round Results

The June club round was held in rather icy conditions at Lennox beach. The cold offshore winds helped make for not bad conditions with some heavier sets breaking on the outside bank and some fun littler ones on the inside. Lucky the water was warm at 22 degrees and the company was fun. The junior beginners really pushed themselves to catch some great unaided waves without the support of the club coaches! Another great club round, looking forward to our winter hardcore classic prize round!

1. Juniper Harper
2. Nyxie Ryan
3. Amy Fortescue

Wahine Masters
1. Kerene Bienke
2. Jane Collins
3. Danah Besson

1. Maz Pentecost
Senior Intermediate
1. Lou Webster
2. Kristina Santos
3. Cory Whitney
4. Ruby Johnsen
5. Renee Adamson

Junior Intermediate
1. Sasha Oxland
2. Leihani Zoric
3. Taina Santos
4. Amelia Walker

Senior beginner
1. Janet Pierce
2. Laura Woolcott
3. Natalie Fraser

Junior Beginner
1. Layla Harper
2. Alani Adamson
3. Tully Fraser
4. Sienna Johnson


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