Member of the Month – June 2018



Name: Seraphine Nolette
Age: 31
Born: Brussels, Belgium.
Lives: Bangalow, Byron Shire
Occupation: Lawyer (aka glorified admin person)
Division: Senior Beginner
What made you start surfing:
I got a job offer in Lismore. While I wasn’t keen on Lismore I was keen to move closer to the water. So packed my car and left Brisvegas for a new adventure
My contract was initially for a year so I decided to make the best of it and made a promise to myself to learn how to surf, cook healthy local produce, meet new people and find a work/life balance.
What I didn’t anticipate is how beautifully lost I’ll get in all of it – one of the best adventures so far!
Who are your surfing idols: Any dedicated surfer, beginners or professionals, who truly appreciated the ocean
Where is your favourite wave: My surfing experience has been pretty limited to the Bay and surrounding areas. Come back to me in a couple of years and I’ll tell you but for now anywhere anytime as long as I get to be in the water and have some fun.
What is your dream surfing scenario: Sunny late afternoon surf in the Bay (or any other tropical paradise will do), clear water, light warm wind. Clean waves and Mick Fanning waiting for me with a cold beer in hand … I am one happy woman!
What are your surfing goals for 2018:
1. Catch clean/unbroken waves
2. Read (and correctly interpret) surf forecast; and
3. Understand the magic behind the relationship between ocean, winds and earth.
Other hobbies/interests: Lots of yoga, food and books – the simple things!
Surfing makes me feel: fearless, beautiful and connected. Surfing makes me feel at home.


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