May Club Round Results at Evans Head – Annual camp out club round

The All Girls May competition was held during our annual campout held at Evans Head. Many members spent two nights camping out which meant time for social free surfing and other activities!!! Sunday the competition was welcomed with nice clean and contestable 2-3ft waves, which were suitable for all surfers. The multiple peaks meant everyone got waves leaving smiles on dials.
Jnr Beginner
1st Alani Adamson
2nd Maiya Mather-Burrey
3rd Taylah McIntosh
JNR Intermediate
1st Juniper Harper
2nd Poppy Hand
3rd Mia Shearer
4th Mahia Adams
1st Deb Stokes
2nd Tracey Morison
3rd Nicci Meredith
4th Deanne Ward
1st Jen Hollier
2nd Deb Gordon
3rd Peta Grew
4th Nardeen Fry
1st Peta Grew
2nd Nat Grono
3rd Jen Hollier
4th Jan Webster
1st Jenna Menzies
2nd Serena Adams
3rd Nat Grono
4th Danah Besson
1st Cory Whitney
2nd Marika llic
3rd Deb Heath
4th Renee Adamson





Thanks to Nat Grono for the Photos

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