June Club Round 2018

The June Club round was blessed with fine weather and pumping waves. The competition was moved from Lennox to Flat Rock due to the closure of the beach access paths. Flat Rock offered a range of 2-4 ft clean right-handers that provided many of our surfers with long rides and plenty of stoke.
The day was filled with contestable waves for all levels of surfing with the clean and sizeable surf providing a canvas of inspiration. Stoked to hear many girls remark that they caught one of their best waves ever!!! Well done all.
Also how good do the new rashies look!!! A big thank you to Let’s Go Surfing Byron Bay  for their sponsorship with our awesome new rash shirts. Thanks also must go out to The Point Café and North East Waste for sponsoring our brand new tents which also look amazing and are so much lighter for us to manage!! So happy with our new equipment, big thanks to Melissa Wright for all of her behind the scenes organisation in all of these ventures!!
Thanks also to the other Sunday surfers in the water for sharing the waves and encouragement, which also contributed to the good vibes of the contest.
1st Alani Adamson 2nd Taylah McIntosh 3rd Ally Brisbane
1st Juniper Harper 2nd Poppy Hand 3rd Amelia Walker 4th Kahlila Marshall
1st Breanne Brown 2nd Jenna Harper 3rd Peta Atkins 4th Soni Acret
1st Deb Gordon 2nd Nardeen Fry 3rd Sylvie Hoarau 4th Lee Mathers
1st Marg Bryant 2nd Nat Grono
1st Nyxie Ryan 2nd Leilani Morgan 3rd Danah Besson 4th Jane Collins
1st Melissa Cook 2nd Cory Whitney  3rd Georgia Laddin 4th Renee Adamson

Our Senior Intermediate Ladies showing off our new rash shirts wonderfully!!


Thanks to Nat Grono for the images






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