October Club Round Results

October Club Round started with a nice light NNW breeze and some tiny fun rides for the girls on both banks, before the wind shifted to a very breezy SSW by mid-morning, which coincided with the rising tide, making us switch back to one bank. Conditions deteriorated to make it challenging for the finals, with not much more than a shore break to catch, but everyone gave it their best shot. Beginners, both Junior and Senior, enjoyed having the coaching team in the water with them, with lots of hoots audible from the shore. Well done to everyone who took part on the day!!


1st Nyxie Ryan
2nd Sarah Morison
3rd Jane Collins
4th Leilani Morgan


1st Nikki Poulos
2nd Jen Hollier
Jan Webster
4th Nat Grono

1st Ally Brisbane
2nd Alani Adamson
3rd Taylah McIntosh
4th Maiya Mather-Burrey

JR Intermediate

1st Poppy Hand
2nd Mia Shearer
3rd Mahia Adams
4th Jemima Moore

SNR Beginner
1st Belinda Wells
2nd Breanne Brown
3rd Tracey Morison
4th Perrine Widlak

SNR Intermediate

1st Sam Endell
2nd Jen Hollier
3rd Sylvie Hoarau
4th Lee Mathers


1st Melissa Cook
2nd Cory Whitnet
3rd Melissa Wright
4th Berenice Roberts



Photo courtesy of Nat Grono



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