Member of the Month – November

nicci meredith.jpg

Name: Nicci Meredith

Age: 39

Born: Vancouver Island, BC Canada

Lives: Lennox Head

Occupation: Bookkeeping and Pizza Shop Business Owner

Division: Senior Beginners

Other Hobbies/Interest: Travel and Mumming and Socialising

What made you start surfing:

My good Friend was surfing all the time and it sort of made me go “ya…I want a piece of that”. Also I have been living in this Surfing Mecca for 15 years…. I decided I better start taking advantage of what the ocean has to offer here.

Who are your surfing Idols:

Well I don’t really follow competitive surfing, however I have just been on a surf trip to Sri Lanka with my girlfriends who surf in Lennox. They inspired and encouraged me the whole trip as I was the most inexperienced, so I would have to say that they are my surfing Idols! They know who they are

Fav Wave:

I loved Peanuts, and Lazy Rights in Sri Lanka. At home I love Lennox Beach, Flatty and Arrawara Point.

Dream surfing Scenario

To retire from the Mon – Friday slog so I can choose to surf whenever I wish.

Surfing goals:

To get out there as much as I can, to keep improving. I’d also love to try surfing the point on a small day sometime in the future.

Surfing makes me feel: Alive, Happy and Proud!



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