Member of the Month – August


This months member of the month is Kellie O’Brien who is one of the founding members of our All Girls Club!!!
The All Girls Surfriders Club was born in 1991 at Lennox Head and was set up as a Regional Club. Max Perrot, Keryn Noach and Kellie O’Brien ran the ‘Have a Go Day’ which attracted many women and girls of various ages. They then established the Club and Australia’s leading contest , the All Girls Surf Showdown, to showcase amazing Women Surfing.
In 1994 they were nominated for the Prime Ministerial Women In Sport Awards for the strategic thinking behind the club and it’s efforts.
Kellie explains “I like to remember that many of the sports coordinators refused to believe that Girls really wanted to surf and shred and found it amazing that our Club was so cutting edge. It has been great to see the Coaching that we developed, the 20 Year Contest, the judging excellence that was reached in my life, the love of competition sport which has not been overcome by the importance of valued friendships and most importantly the beautiful life that we can live with the Sea. It has been a beautiful vision to realise and see so many girls and women find new skills in the washer and surfing that weren’t on our radar in women’s culture. I love the Club and am so stoked to see such great girls welcoming each other and encouraging each other and inspiring each other – Great leadership !!”




NAME: Kellie O’Brien

AGE: born in 1966

BORN: in Western Australia

LIVES: Lennox Head

OCCUPATION: Foster care Case worker

SURFS IN:  the Wahine Masters

WHAT MADE YOU START SURFING? I started at 23 and I really wanted to stand up.  I already spent a long time loving the beach and watching a lot but was pretty scared of the power of the sea.  I was supported to learn and find my own love of it and I really appreciate that.

WHO ARE YOUR SURFING IDOLS?  Jodie Cooper and Bev Simmons  who both have fabulous personalities and their own amazing relationships with the waves.  I love them because they were very generous with their sharing of their lives and learning about the ocean.

WHERE IS YOUR FAVOURITE WAVE?  All waves are wonderful but how can you not love warm delicious clean perfection of the Far North Coast.

WHAT IS YOUR DREAM SURFING SCENARIO?   I have already lived my dreams but if I was transported I’d probably just travel on a beautiful boat and float around to waves and beaches wherever I wanted where people got along and life was a lot of fun.

WHAT ARE YOUR SURFING GOALS FOR 2019.  Just go to the Club rounds and stay in touch with the sea.  I do have  a sick board so it’s not hard to love every surf.

OTHER HOBBIES AND/OR INTERESTS:  I love community development and along with being a founder of the All Girls Surfriders Club I am a founder and Secretary/Public officer of Lennox Arts Board inc.  I like to relax, learn stuff, socialise and dance for fun, be a part of the world.

“SURFING MAKES ME FEEL” … in touch with life.



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