May Club Round Results – 2019

Our May club round and annual camp out was held at Evans Head. The club round was moved to Chinaman’s Beach in Dirrawong National park and we were met with beautiful clean conditions with dolphins, whales and kangaroos popping in to say hello. The wahine masters and Opens surfed the outer banks for some Epic rides and even a few barrels and the intermediates and beginners got some of the rides of their lives.

1. Sarah Morison
2. Juniper Harper
3. Tamika Hudson
4. Kelly Taylor

1. Maz Pentecost

Junior Beginner-
1. Josie Morison

Junior intermediate-
1. Mia Baker
2. Poppy Morison
3. Sasha Oxland
4. Amelia Walker

Senior Beginner-
1. Janet Pierce
2. Claudia Curchin
3. Lindsay Vaughn
4. Breanne Brown
5. Perrine Widlak
6. Silja Hauser

Senior intermediate-
1. Lou Webster
2. Deb Gordon
3. Cory Whitney

Wahine Masters-
1. Kerene Bienke
2. Leilani Morgans
3. Jane Collins
4. Serena Adams




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