March Club Round 2019

Wow! What a day! It was great to kick off the year at our March club round and it was awesome to see so many new faces. The day started a little slower than usual as we had so many people to sign on, but it was great to have so many willing hands to help with set up.
The conditions were favourable in the morning with the incoming tide and slight offshore wind, and even when it turned onshore and messy in the afternoon, we still managed to get some great waves. The two banks made the day flow smoothly with all divisions getting some high scoring rides. The coaching team really had their work cut out for them with all our new beginners and the changing tides and conditions, a big thanks to those girls on the beach and in the water for putting in 110% and making our beginner crew feel safe.
Thanks to those who stood in and took up jobs they don’t usually do to help, and to those who did quite a lot of judging, you really made a massive day a lot easier! You rock!
Beginners are reminded to shadow a more experienced judge after they’ve surfed as this is the best way for you to learn and pick up some tips for your own surfing too!

A big thanks must go out also to David, Olivia’s dad for helping with the towing of the trailer as all of our trailer girls were off in the Maldives surfing. Thanks Olivia for volunteering and organising “Dad”!!

Great day All!! Look forward to next month, till then, see you in the waves

1st Josie Morison  2nd Layla Ross  3rd Tully Fraser  4th Indiana Martin
1st Janet Pierce  2nd Lindsay Vaughan  3rd Breanne Brown  4th Perrine Widlak
1st Poppy Morison  2nd Mia Baker  3rd Kahlila Marshall  4th Mahia Adams
1st Cory Whitney  2nd Jen Hollier  3rd Tara Elliott  4th Ruby Johnson
1st Maz Pentecost   2nd Holly North  3rd Tully Fraser  4th Clementine Bourke
1st Kellie O’Brien  2nd Melissa Cook  3rd Jane Collins
1st Nyxie Ryan  2nd Juniper Harper  3rd Sarah Morison  4th Olivia Coates

Team Photo
2019 All Girls Members

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