August Club Round Results – 2018

Our August Club round was held at Flatrock due to unsuitable banks at Lennox.
It was a grey, overcast rainy day but the surf was a clean 2 to 3 ft, the water was warm and spirits high.
Due to low numbers, (think the rain made it hard to get out of bed!), we ran straight finals in all divisions, the 20 minute heats allowed everyone to score a couple of great waves per heat.
Thanks to everyone who made it down for the round, thanks also to Melissa for towing the trailer, Serena for being our contest director. Big thanks to all those that helped with judging and the pack up and pack down of all the gear in the slightly damp weather!

See you all at the Bunnings BBQ next weekend and then coaching on Saturday the 8th
This months results are – Opens 1/ Nxyie Ryan 2/ Serena Adams 3/ Sarah Morison 4/ Leilani Morgan Longboards 1/ Maz Pentecost 2/ Jen Hollier
Junior Beginner 1/ Lalya Ross 2/ Ally Brisbane 3/ Pyper Glenn 4/ Taylah McIntosh
Junior Intermediate 1/ Poppy Hand 2/ Poppy Morison 3/ China Esson 4/ Jemima Moore
Senior Intermediate 1/ Deb Gordon 2/ Sam Endell 3/ Jen Hollier 4/ Nardeen Fry
Senior Beginner 1/ Nicci Meredith 2/ Soni Acret 3/ Nat Fraser



Lennox Head on sunrise, Stormy weather kept number down this club round, – the contest was moved to flatrock because of unsuitable banks at our usual spot above

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