Hardcore Winter Classic Prizeround – Results and blurb!

The prize round turned out to be an amazing day ! The sun held strong right up until the last couple of heats and the girls were able to surf in fairly decent conditions for most of the morning.

The club camera was used by many many keen and enthusiastic photographers but … it had no memory card in so they didn’t work!

The ones i have are a bit patchy but here they are !

janebday jnr snr 3rds

Results from Winter Hardcore Classic: 1st Div: 1. Roisin Carolan,  2. Ange Spher 3. Ebony Santamaria 4. Jane Wescher. Longboards: 1. Roisin Carolan, 2. Jane Tranberg, 3. Deb Tinker, 4. Margaret Bryant . 2nd Div: 1. Mahlia Carr, 2. Mia Francis, 3. Grace Tetley  4. Melissa Wright.
3rd Div: 1. Nyxie Ryan, 2. Karina Hartley, 3. Lily Murphy, 4. Jess Mills.
Jnr Beg: 1. Skye Thomas, 2. Hannah Kelly, 3. Keely Johnson, 4. Marley Bickford. Snr Beg: 1. Jenny Schrimer 2. Vanessa Mills, 3. Trenna Gillot , 4. Soni Acret.

The girls were totally stoked to receive their prize bags, we were given some amazing products this year and are grateful to all the people that were able to send stuff to us .

A huge huge ALL GIRLS THANK YOU to –

Gav @ Lennox Head Surf Shop .

Danny @ Salt Gypsy

Megan @ Foam Riders

Paul @ Team SIQ

Cayleh @ Bilabong

Belinda @ Roxy

Inner Beauty


Pink – for the ice – cream!

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