1. Surfers must check the whiteboard for heat details and rashie colour. 

2. Heats are 15 minutes unless, otherwise specified. 

3. Heats start from the water. You can paddle out on the yellow 5min flag. NB beginners start on the beach. 

4. Green flag means a heat is on. A yellow flag means final 5 minutes of the heat. A red flag signals the end of the heat. NB: Please do not catch a wave before the green flag goes up. Waves caught after the red flag is raised will not count. When the red flag goes up come in lying down. The hooter will sound at the beginning and the end of each heat. 

5. Your best two waves are counted for your total score. 

6. Don’t drop in on a surfer already standing up – the surfer who takes off closest to the breaking part of the wave has claimed that wave. Two surfers may ride the same wave if one rides left and the other rides right. They must not cross paths. 

7. Do not free surf in the competition area and check when you are surfing next before you go out. 

8. When you finish your heat, return your rashie and be ready to judge the next heat i.e. if you are in Heat 1 you should be judging Heat 3. Make sure you are down at the judging tent by the time the yellow flag is up for the heat before. Please make sure you judge at least two heats over the course of the day. There will be plenty of experienced people around to help you to judge. 

9. Pick up any rubbish and check your belongings before you leave. 


  • Surfers are judged on every ride, to a maximum of 10 waves per heat. Judges give 0-10 score on each ride. Guidelines for scoring vary in each division (see below). There are 3 judges per heat, plus a fourth person as a spotter (who helps with identifying which coloured surfer is paddling for the wave). No more than 2 inexperienced judge to be judging at any one time. 
  • Only experienced judges to judge Open division, heats and finals. 
  • Please come and learn how to judge as it will improve your competition surfing and your results. 
  • Throughout the heat “the surfer must be clearly in possession of the wave, on the wave face, making movement to stand, her hands having left the rails for the wave to be scored” 
  • A manoeuvre is not to be scored unless it is completed. 
  • Interference rules also apply – please see WSL rule book or ask a committee member. 

OPENS (An experienced shortboard surfer, boards under 7 ft) 

WAHINE MASTERS (40 before 1st January 2020) 

LONGBOARD: (any age, Malibu boards 9 ft+) 

“A surfer must perform radical controlled manoeuvres in the most critical section of a wave with speed, power and flow to maximise scoring potential. Innovative and progression surfing as well as a variety of manoeuvres will be taken into consideration when rewarding points for waves ridden. The surfer executing the criteria, with the maximum degree of difficulty and commitment on the wave shall be rewarded with the higher scores” 

Standard judging criteria Surfing Australia/Australasian Rule Book 2009 edition. 

JUNIOR BEGINNER: (A novice surfer mainly catching whitewash waves.) Surfers are judged on standing up and long rides. Extra points are given for going left or right and catching green waves and bigger waves. Surfers in this heat must be independent in the water – parents can be in the water but are not permitted to push surfers on the waves. 

SNR BEGINNER: (A novice surfer catching whitewash waves.) Surfers are independent in the water. Surfers are judged on standing up even if only briefly, length of rides, doing turns, catching bigger waves and going out the back as they improve. Both hands must leave the board for a ride to be scored. No restrictions on board size. 

JUNIOR AND SENIOR INTERMEDIATE: Catching green waves, doing turns. Surfers are judged on left and right rides with backhand and forehand turns done with enough speed to finish the manoeuvre. Extra points are given for taking off out the back, steeper take offs, bigger waves and good manoeuvres. This is a short board division. Boards should be less than 9’. 

NOTE:If a surfer commences in a lower grade but it is deemed after the first round to be better placed in a higher division, they can take points earned from the results to the higher division for their first round only